(Transcript) Rescued Podcast – Episode 1: Why Doing this thing?


Rescued podcast

Hello friends, I welcome you to this first episode on Rescued podcast series with Enyo Sam. It’s my heart desire that this podcast series will be a blessing to your life and inspire you for greatness.

Many people out there have been doing a lot of podcasts, webinars and other mediums of reaching out to people… I believe it’s a question on the section of your mind that demand answers if this will be different right?.

I am doing this thing called Rescued Series which comes in form of podcast, webinars and articles because God laid it in my heart to share with people, especially the younger generation things that will help them become revived improve their faith, creativity, skills, empower them to use technology to make positive impacts and help them live a balanced life purposefully.

Over the years, God brought many life transformers and mentors my way who helped and thought me many things about life and God. The training I got propelled me to get to the current stage of my life. But don’t get it twisted, I am still growing every day, but I thank God for where I am right now. As a man who has love in his heart for people and to fulfil the purpose of God for humanity, it’s a necessity to help people get the best out of their lives. The fact is, everyone, deserves to get the very best out of their lives but it’s not everyone that got the clue of how to go about it.

The Rescued series will launch out a series of entrepreneurship development, ethical leadership development, Physical wellbeing development and Spirituality been essential components that will help any person become productive and purposeful here on earth.

Are you excited about going on this journey with me already? I believe you are!. You will hear me share practical secrets that have helped me and I will bring other guests such as mentors and professionals in different areas of our core development components to share with you their thoughts.

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Thank you for your time and for listening.

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