5 Success Strategies for your Music Career in 2022

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I have some free advice for you if you are an artist. Whether you are an up and coming or established artist. (If you’ve not amounted a fan base and haven’t been consistent with music, this will help you).

In 2022, try not to do the following:
1. Don’t rush to go record an EP (3 – 6 tracks) yet. Release one or two singles monthly or quarterly, let your management, team or promoters promote them well. (Work with a Music PR)
2. Try to get positive and critical feedback on your works from everyone most importantly music professionals.
3. Look for ways to collaborate with other artists. Let people have a feel of what you got to offer.
4. Grow your reach or fan base then consider doing an EP later when you have real fans to consume your product (EP).
5. Forget the good comments you get on FB/IG/TW or your close friends who know you. If they come from new people/fans listening to your work, then you are making progress.

Keep up the amazing work consistently, It will bear fruits soon. I am super proud of you.

If you want to speak with me regarding helping you to build a successful artist brand or career, send a message to [email protected].

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Enyo Sam

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